“We must be attentive, always learn from everything and everyone at all times.”

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Miquel Coll (1978) is a composer, musician and record producer. His career is featured for his engagement with many different groups of both classical and modern music. He has taken part in several projects as a producer, composer, arranger, flutist, guitarist, bassist, harmonica player… Since 2000 he is involved into the world of audio in order to capture all the musical concerns that surround him.
He began his career as a record producer in his own studio, and later he also went into composing soundtracks for films, theatre plays and other sound designs. He has an extensive background as an instrumentalist and dominates various styles and techniques to research the most disparate sounds. His methodology mixes experimentation with new sound textures from various sources with the intention of opening new doors to find the more suitable sounds for any new project.

The musical sensitivity of Coll let him appreciate the nuances, being able to adapt to the needs of each situation. Born in a family of musicians, Coll was already playing the flute when he was six, and when he was ten he began to play the piano and the classical guitar. Then, because of his experience in a music store, he became interested in modern music and, therefore he took up the hamonica, electric guitar, electric bass, accordion and many more. He has never stopped learning and has enrolled in courses of Moroccan flute or Japanese flute, circular breathing and flamenco guitar. At the same time, he entered the world of rock and pop, being part of groups like Sherpah, Grip, Strombers and Ayvalá, where he was also the producer.

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