by David Victori
Burn Barcelona
by David Victori
by Jaime Valdueza
by Antonio Trashorras

Music for motion pictures

Soundtrack composer

I like to think that the music is locked inside the images

and that I just have to release it for the film.

  • My career has been built on just one composer: Miquel. He is the person who has constantly helped me to isolate the soul and the emotions from my own stories and the man who always shows me the difficult way back home; the difference between working with a large group of people (the film crew) and working in privacy, where the journey begins (the writing process). During this journey, it is vitally important for me to preserve the most intimate necessity of why I had to explain that particular story.

    David Victori Director
  • My stories always have one more actor, one more narrator, an invisible weapon that attacks the spectator’s emotions: Miquel Coll’s music. Not only do we understand each other perfectly, but I notice that the movie starts to develop emotionally when we go into in his music in the studio. He is humble, professional and talented: sometimes, you don’t need to go far from home to find the best.

    Albert Ventura Director
  • Working with Miquel is like walking hand in hand to explain a story that affects us all.

    Marta Bayarri Director / Actress
  • Miquel has a talent for creating unique compositions by mixing the classic with the modern. With his incredible skill, he enriches the stories with his music.

    Rafa Garcia Director
  • It has been a pleasure working with Miquel. He really knows what kind of music the cinematographic narrative needs.

    Jorge Carrasco Director
  • I could not have asked for a better composer for my film “Burned” than Miquel. He is absolutely passionate, imaginative and so talented. His music created a lot of tension and powerful scenes in the film. I wouldn’t think twice about working with him again!

    Jaime Valdueza Director
  • Seven years after filming ‘Cama Blanca’, the first thing that comes to mind is the music that accompanies the characters throughout the film. Miquel created a soundtrack which I consider to be as important as the script or the actors. It is a pleasure to work with Miquel not only because he is extremely talented, but also for his humanity.

    Diego Betancor Director
  • It is easy to work with Miquel especially because he knows how to listen to you and how to express himself. Moreover, he is a great professional: he actually knows what he wants and how to achieve it. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him.

    Josep Antoni Castaño -Nyanyo- Manager
  • What we admire the most about Miquel Coll is the ability of transcribing the images into music. He has made us discover many aspects which we might have not noticed. His music fills everything and that is why it becomes one more character of the film. Miquel knows how to capture the essence of the image. We will always be grateful for his music.

    Entropy Producer
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